Shop Local Community Projects

Benefit Shoppers, Merchants & the Local Economy

Shop Local Cooperatives Help Everyone Win Big

Shoppers, Merchants and Local Organizations Get Paid to Shop with each other. This keeps more revenue in the local community, creates local loyalty and attracts entrepreneurs to do business in their town. CLICK BELOW TO SEE HOW YOU BENEFIT.

How can this Global Leader BENEFIT my Business?

myWorld's core service connects consumers, retailers and service providers, offering incentives and benefits.

Businesses in your community can benefit by attracting new and loyal customers.

Statistics show that businesses with a rewards program have increased customer spending by up to 25%. With the myWorld rewards platform, shoppers receive CASH BACK, which they can deposit directly into their bank account or use to shop within the myWorld network. Not only do you, as a business owner, receive free registration as part of this project, you also receive FREE advertising to all of myWorld’s 17 million members worldwide. You only pay a small commission if you get new customers. There is no software integration or training needed with myWorld’s scan-and-go technology. Best of all, myWorld is the ONLY rewards program that allows you to add an additional revenue stream to your business by earning up to 1% of the total shopping volume your customers do within the myWorld network worldwide!