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More Customers More Revenue

With merchants and shoppers taking advantage of myWorld local community thrive.

Become a FREE myWorld Partner

myWorld Rated #1 rewards program by Newsweek 2023

Become a FREE myWorld Partner,As a local business, you can take advantage of this incredible opportunity to register your business absolutely FREE! No monthly payments or fees. You only pay if new customers shops at your business. Join the our Shop Local Community Project and see how your business and our community works together to achieve more for your Community. No risk, Cancel at any time.

Increase Revenue

On average, myWorld Partners increase revenue by up to 30% within 90 days by adding a loyalty rewards program. The best part is you only pay a small commission (between 6.5% - 10.5%) when myWorld sends you new customers! No more pay-and-pray advertising!

FREE Advertising

Enjoy FREE advertising to the 17 million members worldwide. When customers are near your store, they receive a push notification that you are a myWorld Partner. Create additional Cashback Deals and attract even more customers.

No Software or Training

With the ease of Scan-and-Go technology, there is no software integration, and no employee training. With a free merchant back office, you can increase sales by offering Cashback Deals to attract additional customers during slow times.

Additional Revenue Stream

myWorld Partners have the option of adding an additional stream of revenue to their existing business. By registering your existing customers as myWorld Shoppers, you earn up to 1% on ALL their purchases, including those at your competitors or online retailers. This draws more money into our community!

A No Risk Advertizing Solution

Taking advantage of the myWorld platform is like paying zero for advertising. myWorld merchant parters only pay on new sales made.

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