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Through our partnership with myWorld, America's #1 loyalty program.   Shoppers save money, Merchants make money and every member gets money back with every purchase, $30 in shopping points to spend with any of over 500K+ merchants and $30 more for everyone they refer.  Join us and help keep more revenue in your community and attract more entrepreneurs to start businesses in your town.

Attract New Customers

& Increase Sales

Supporting local business growth is crucial for local economies within communities.

Attract New Customers

& Increase Sales

By attracting new customers and fostering loyalty among existing ones, we can help businesses thrive and contribute to the community in a meaningful way.


Keep More Revenue

In Your Community

Creating incentives to shop locally as well as business-to-business opportunities. Creating a community of cooperation.

Keep More Revenue

In Your Community

We can help build a stronger and more sustainable economy. By incentivizing shoppers to buy locally and creating opportunities for business-to-business collaboration, we can create a thriving local economy that benefits everyone involved.

Save Money And

Get CashBack Rewards

Supporting local business growth is crucial for local economies within communities.

Save Money And

Get CashBack Rewards

Provide a free platform that people can use to save money and earn cash back on their everyday purchases.


Shop Local Cooperatives Help Everyone Win

Shoppers, Merchants and Local Organizations Get Paid to Shop with each other. This keeps more revenue in the local community, creates local loyalty and attracts entrepreneurs to do business in their town.


The Dallas Shop Local Community Event June 28 & 29, 2024


The Shop Local Community Projects are launching live events across the U.S. Join us at one of these locations to Connect & Collaborate with the Experts leveling the playing field for small to mid size businesses providing them with powerful marketing tools to create loyal customers and unstoppable profits.

Meet Our Partner

We selected myWorld as our loyalty program for our Shop Local Community Projects, rated #1 by Newsweek & Statista in 2023

myWorld is the only company with a 20 year track record & CashBack Super App rewarding over 17 million members & merchants with CashBack & Shopping points on every purchase at over 500K+ brands in over 56 countries providing our project the opportunity for stability and growth.

Become A myWorld Shopper

Enroll to get $30 in shopping points redeemable with any of our red tag deals

Happy myWorld members

The Ultimate Solution For Growing Your Local Economy

  • No cost advertising for merchants.
  • Additional revenue source for both merchants and their customers.
  • Grows local economies by keeping spending in your community.
  • Rewards shoppers with cashback and other benifets.
  • Access to the myWorld global shopping community.


Trenzy APP Brands You & Your Business

Your ICON installs on the most lucrative marketing space, Your Shopper's HomeScreen, Plus, your get push notification marketing.

Merchant/Partners that join our Shop Local Community Projects receive a myWorld partner code that waives the $749 sign-up fee & a special Code that waives the $149 fee to create a customized Mobile First Trenzy Digital Business Card/Website & App for their business.

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